Theme Reveal – Blogchatter AtoZ Blogger’s Challenge 2021

APRIL 2021 - The month of the year dreaded yet loved by all the bloggers, is here again! And here I am, summoning up all the courage to stay consistent and pen down 26 blogs over the period of one month! *gulps* (Note to self: you have done it twice before; you can do it... Continue Reading →

The Funniest Memes of 2020

Bidding Adieu to 2020 on a funny note... Australian bushfires, Indonesian flash floods, various volcanic eruptions, major earthquakes across the world, locust swarms, cyclone Amphan, Uttarakhand forest fires, Beirut explosion, and the show stopper, COVID-19, and other innumerable catastrophes! THAT WAS THE YEAR 2020 summed up for you! I guess all of us who’ve witnessed... Continue Reading →

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