THIS or THAT Episode 8: Is there any Other Option?

This year my theme for the #MyFriendAlexa campaign is “This or That”. Here, I’ll be putting up a day-to-day scenario that mostly all of us face sometime or the other, along with two different ways in which we can react towards those scenarios – either “This” or “That”. So, let’s look at today’s scenario! _______________________________________________________________... Continue Reading →

Marriage – An Act of Balancing

We often come across discontent couples, blaming each other or their families for their unhappy relationship, having unhealthy arguments over immaterial things or taking the other for granted. When I recently met a couple who had an obvious communication gap, I realized the impact of small things which can either make or break a relationship.... Continue Reading →

Going from Strangers to Soulmates

I remember the first time my husband, Neelesh and I met in Mumbai on 30th December 2015. Ours was an arranged marriage and we were meeting along with our respective families. On my way to the restaurant, my mind was blank. I had no clue what to talk about, how to start, what to tell,... Continue Reading →

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