Theme Reveal – Blogchatter AtoZ Blogger’s Challenge 2021

APRIL 2021 – The month of the year dreaded yet loved by all the bloggers, is here again! And here I am, summoning up all the courage to stay consistent and pen down 26 blogs over the period of one month! *gulps* (Note to self: you have done it twice before; you can do it once again!)

What is Blogchatter’s AtoZ Challenge?

One of India’s largest and most active Blogging Communities – Blogchatter, organizes a blogging challenge for bloggers round the globe every year. Anyone who owns a blog and loves writing is welcome to join the challenge. It is held in the month of April every year with the aim to write a blog daily, YES DAILY (except Sundays)! The challenge here is to keep up your consistency by writing 26 blogs alphabetically over the period of 30 days. You may refer to the challenge calendar below:

My theme for April 2021

Although it’s not mandatory to have a theme for all your 26 blogs, the past two years have taught me that it’s better to stick to a theme. So, I have decided my this year’s theme to be “Life Philosophies round the World”. I’ll be penning down about some of the well-known and some hidden philosophies which have so beautifully inspired me to keep skating smoothly through life’s ice & fire situations.

These philosophies have touched my life in some way or the other, I hope by the end of #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge, they treat and amuse your soul too!


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