My Resolutions for 2021 – Starting the Year with Love!

Honestly, I don’t believe in ‘making resolutions’ because I have always failed to abide by something that didn’t come straight from my heart. So, I’d rather put it this way….

‘How I decide to treat myself better in 2021 and in further years to come?’

So, the year 2020 brought abundant learnings for all of us, including me. If I had to sum this year up, it would be:

  • cooking
  • cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning and then some more cleaning
  • eating
  • exercising
  • blogging
  • painting
  • lots of reading
  • listening to e-books & podcasts
  • and diving into spirituality

in the exact same sequence! Since I realized the importance and effect of spiritual bliss towards the end of the year, I intend to take it forward in the next year and hopefully stick with it all through.

What Do I mean by Spirituality?

Since I’ve hardly touched the tip of the iceberg, for me spirituality right now can be defined as not getting caught in day – to – day events. It is believing that there is a greater power than me which has put me in this world at the exact place and moment where I should be. So, I can either get irritated or angry when life doesn’t turn out my way, or I can stay calm and simply trust myself and the greater power and act upon whatever is in my control.

I know that sounds too dreamy and too much “gyaan” because it did to me too, until last month. Some people even tell me that such books and videos have brainwashed me, but then if I’d get to stay in the mental state that I am in right now, I’d love to be brainwashed my entire life.

So, what are my baby steps towards spirituality going to be?

These are going to sound very obvious and basic actions, but trust me they are not. Frankly, to make life happier, you don’t really need complex steps, it’s the simple ones that count. Also, while reading these, if you feel like they aren’t that important and can be done anytime in life, just take a pause and realize, have you implemented these in your life already? If not, then why not? So, here are some of the baby steps I am aiming to take this New Year:

  • Treating myself with dignity and not letting anyone else affect that. I’ve been trying this one for a long time now, to not be affected by other people’s perception of me. But well, you need to try this out to realize how much effort goes into it. Because we have this notion fixed in our heads since childhood to act proper in front of the society otherwise “Log Kya Kahenge”.
  • Shun the worst feeling in the world – JEALOUSY. I am someone who gets jealous very easily, even if I have no more space left to fit things into my goodie bag. This was very difficult for me to admit, but the cat is out of the bag now. Jealousy can be a terrible feeling which if not taken care timely can turn into envy and soon hatred. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have seen the extent to which people can go to out of envy and hatred, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be standing in their shoes. Hence, going to work on this for sure.

  • Believing (and not just saying) that I wouldn’t be in a situation if I wasn’t capable enough to face it. Hence, acting accordingly.
  • Keeping someone’s flaws and imperfections to myself and spreading their qualities and strengths.
  • Agreeing to disagree. No matter how many times we say that it doesn’t bother us if someone disagrees with our choices, it somewhere deep down does affect our relationship with that person. So, it’s okay if Mr. X does not like my choice of clothes, or restaurants, or people, or life decisions, I am going to respect theirs and allow them to be themselves.

  • I am going to be the greater person and be more forgiving and accepting the world as is.

I wish to aim for more resolutions but then being realistic is important. I hope I can tick these off my to-do list in the year 2021 and make an even better list for 2022.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful New Year. See you next year!


10 thoughts on “My Resolutions for 2021 – Starting the Year with Love!

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  1. Good luck Nitu, am sure you will be able to achieve the resolutions for 2021.

    Any how ,impressed with your thoughts , god bless you and give rurther strength and wisdom.

    Loved your writing skills as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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