Should You or Should You Not Sanitize Packages in the Times of COVID-19?

I was forced to write this post as I was too scared to see many households still handling parcels carelessly even after the number of death cases due to COVID-19 rising with time.

A ‘parcel’ here refers to any product coming inside your home including groceries, dairy products, a product ordered online, even the bags/polybags carrying these products, or basically ANYTHING that comes inside your safe home from the outside unknown world.

Let’s imagine this:

One day, your 10-year-old comes home from their football practice with soiled shoes, dripping with mud (kichad). What would you do? Would you pick up the shoes and put them on the table leaving them there to clean them later? Or would you put them on the sofa? Maybe you’d put them on the kitchen slab then? No?

So, then maybe you will put the shoes on the cabinet and then clean them there itself? Still a NO?? But, why??


The coronavirus is much more harmful than the mud on your child’s shoe. The muddy shoes might only soil your sofa, or cabinet or table, or the floor. Whereas, the coronavirus can take lives!

So, just because we cannot see which product carries the virus with it, what should we do? Well, that’s simple. Treat and clean every product as if you know it has the virus on it.

Too tedious a task to do?

Well, given a choice between cleaning every product that arrives on your doorstep versus the lives of your loved ones, I’m guessing I don’t need to ask which one would you choose.

Then what should we do with the parcel?

Well, first of all, stop leaving the parcels around your house carelessly BEFORE SANITIZING THEM! This virus can survive from five hours to five days on different types of surfaces.

Data Source: WebMD

Thanks to social media, we’ve all come across various ways to disinfect or sanitize things these days. We just need to stop being a lousy cleaner just because we are “tired” of all the extra effort. However, if you’re someone who still follows the strict cleaning process, and wishes to know about how I deal with products before they cross my doorstep, keep watching this space for upcoming articles.


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