THIS or THAT Episode 1: Late to the Party!

This year my theme for the #MyFriendAlexa campaign is “This or That”. Here, I’ll be putting up a day-to-day scenario that mostly all of us face sometime or the other, along with two different ways in which we can react towards those scenarios – either “This” or “That”. So, let’s begin with today’s scenario!


Ayush is a very punctual guy and hates to be late. However, today he’s running an hour late for a friend’s farewell party due to an end moment work urgency. So, Ayush calls up his wife, Aarti and asks her to get ready along with both their kids and meet him at the door to avoid further delay.

But, to Ayush’s dismay, Aarti is still getting the kids ready when he reaches home, while he’s getting a third call from his friend to hurry up to the party…

Let’s see the two possible reactions Ayush could choose from:


Ayush ignores his friend’s call as he doesn’t want to get embarrassed for getting late. Goes inside the house and yells at Aarti for not being ready on time and blames her for being late today. Aarti wipes a teardrop from the corner of her eye but decided to keep quiet. Ayush picks his 4-year old daughter whose very cranky and forcibly makes her wear her shoes. They somehow manage to get in the car and drive with an aura of tension around, while the kids are still crying. Upon reaching the party, Ayush tells everyone that the reason they got late was Aarti.


Ayush apologizes to his friend on the call again and tells him the exact time they would take to reach the venue. He then quietly goes in and tries to understand the reason Aarti and the kids weren’t ready yet. Aarti explains that she had just got the news of an old school friend’s ill health and hence was on the phone making some arrangements for her friend’s family. Ayush asks Aarti to take her time to get ready while he makes sure their kids were ready. They soon get in the car and drive to the party discussing the day’s events. Upon reaching the party, Ayush and Aarti both apologize for being late and become a part of the ongoing celebration.

Well, I’m sure you’re well aware with both kinds of reactions that could come from Ayush, but pause for a moment and reflect back to the last time you were in a similar situation. So, how did you really react?

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111 thoughts on “THIS or THAT Episode 1: Late to the Party!

Add yours

      1. Mine is definitely that option. I have been in such situations where I have gotten late due to my husband or vice versa and I have always given the “that” reaction.

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    1. I really liked the theme you have chosen for #MyFriendAlexa. Every coin has two sides and so does every situation. It’s how do you manage to deal with it is imp. Getting angry and impulsive is very easy but trying to understand the situation is very imp before you react.

      Looking to read more on this in your next blogs ….

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  1. This is a typical family saga almost every single day. My husband definitely is the THIS and very rarely the THAT lol. Me on the other hand is calmer and give him the rolling eyes look whenever he gets hyper!

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  2. We always have a choice but which one we choose depends on who we are as a person. One should always keep working on themselves to be the better version of who they are. This is quite an interesting theme, looking forward to reading more posts.

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  3. I want to say my reaction would be “That”, but unfortunately I am a “This” person. guess need to start seeing things differently.

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  4. This is an amazing theme for sure. this situation is great. I can’t comment on what my reaction would be since I was never in such circumstances before but if I will ever be I would love to with that.

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  5. Well to be very honest it is very natural for everyone to say they will react calmly. But you know with quick tempered people like me that is not so easy. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to gain control over one’s nature. It does not mean a person is bad at heart if he reacts in anger. But it is definitely wrong. The correct thing as you imply is to find out the true cause for why Aarti is late and do what Ayush did. #MyFriendAlexa

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    1. I completely agree Jaya. It’s a small but very difficult task to control our reactions in anger and sadness. However, I speak from experience. I was someone who got angry at the drop of a hat. But thanks to my husband, who made me realize my actions and their impact on me and others. I wouldn’t say I’m perfect, but I do take a pause now before reacting to anything. And it has been life changing for me. I’m much happier and at peace now, and am enjoying life more. Hence, I’m writing the series in the hope that it might help someone like me😊


  6. Merely reading THAT option gives immense peace and glee inside. But THIS option is found to happen in most of the houses on most of the occasions, that is the difference between wish and reality. for next time I will make sure to stick with the THAT option every time, to dwell in a gleeful atmosphere with my family. Loved your theme to tally unique, looking forward to more read!


  7. Oft in life, we’re either spoilt with or torn between choices. I would choose that. 🙂

    Love how you bring it out this way so beautifully, Nitisha.

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  8. What a wonderful theme you have chosen from day-to-day scenario. Loved your This and That way of writing too. Making readers think about what would they choose and what they actually did the last time. I chose That!!

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  9. You have come up with a very interesting theme. It’s our attitude towards life that makes it good or bad. The way we deal with it. I loved the theme and the situation that you have portrayed. Very unique and relatable on the same time.

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  10. Interesting concept! While we all would be outraged at the “THIS” scenario I’m sure have reacted the same way at some point of time. But the “THAT” scenario is very sweet and ideal. Like your writing style.

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  11. ‘That’ should be the ideal response… However, it depends on a lot of other things as well… Maybe, if Ayush had a great day at office, he’ll easily slip in ‘that’ mode… On the contrary, if he had a terrible day at office, he might be in the ‘this’ mode(though he is aware that is not the correct one)… But, seriously taking the ‘that’ route makes things so much easier! Nice post…

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    1. That’s true Haimanti. But, if we start consciously checking our reactions in all situations, nothing at home or office or any place else can bring our mood down. As easy as it sounds, it’s the most difficult thing to achieve.


  12. Now this is indeed a real life scenario story, where many of us fall prey to “This’ kind of reaction. A little patience and some listening skills clubbed with empathy is all it takes to lead us to a practical and harmonious solution. Unfortunately, most of us belong to the first category of reaction resulting out of impulsive behavior and anger built inside us.

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  13. This is a beautiful theme for sure. would love to read more on this. All can say easily that -THAT would be the right option but it does not happen that easily in real life actually. only when the whole scenario is shown in front of you, you decide well. It’s an everyday story in the family life actually! well written article

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  14. I don’t think anyone would say “THIS” option while reading about such a situation. It all comes down to that spur of the moment. Even then if one can quieten their mind and look at the situation objectively, they can reach at “THAT” response. In an ideal world we can always come to THAT decision. But are we always live in an ideal world?!

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  15. It should be “That” but let’s be honest… it’s not always the case. Sometimes tempers are frayed and it just ends up getting messier. Love the theme of the series.

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  16. I think i’ll choose the second option now since I’m in a good mind frame but what matters most is the state of mind which leads to many avoidable conflicts… great topic you’ve chosen. love it

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