THIS or THAT Episode 1: Late to the Party!

This year my theme for the #MyFriendAlexa campaign is “This or That”. Here, I’ll be putting up a day-to-day scenario that mostly all of us face sometime or the other, along with two different ways in which we can react towards those scenarios – either “This” or “That”. So, let’s begin with today’s scenario!


Ayush is a very punctual guy and hates to be late. However, today he’s running an hour late for a friend’s farewell party due to an end moment work urgency. So, Ayush calls up his wife, Aarti and asks her to get ready along with both their kids and meet him at the door to avoid further delay.

But, to Ayush’s dismay, Aarti is still getting the kids ready when he reaches home, while he’s getting a third call from his friend to hurry up to the party…

Let’s see the two possible reactions Ayush could choose from:


Ayush ignores his friend’s call as he doesn’t want to get embarrassed for getting late. Goes inside the house and yells at Aarti for not being ready on time and blames her for being late today. Aarti wipes a teardrop from the corner of her eye but decided to keep quiet. Ayush picks his 4-year old daughter whose very cranky and forcibly makes her wear her shoes. They somehow manage to get in the car and drive with an aura of tension around, while the kids are still crying. Upon reaching the party, Ayush tells everyone that the reason they got late was Aarti.


Ayush apologizes to his friend on the call again and tells him the exact time they would take to reach the venue. He then quietly goes in and tries to understand the reason Aarti and the kids weren’t ready yet. Aarti explains that she had just got the news of an old school friend’s ill health and hence was on the phone making some arrangements for her friend’s family. Ayush asks Aarti to take her time to get ready while he makes sure their kids were ready. They soon get in the car and drive to the party discussing the day’s events. Upon reaching the party, Ayush and Aarti both apologize for being late and become a part of the ongoing celebration.

Well, I’m sure you’re well aware with both kinds of reactions that could come from Ayush, but pause for a moment and reflect back to the last time you were in a similar situation. So, how did you really react?

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  1. Being punctual is always good and sign of respect to others time. But in this case situation was different so one need to understand and option THAT is obvious one. Which is clearly beneficial for all and sign of maturity.☺️

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