Hypnosis – Mesmerizing Facts!

This post is a part of A-Z Challenge for bloggers, that takes place every year in the month of April. Bloggers take part in this challenge for self improvement and to overcome the “writer’s block”. Each one of us writes one article everyday, starting from the alphabet ‘A’, right up to ‘Z’. My theme for this year’s challenge is – mind-blowing facts and theories.


Hypnosis is defined as a ‘trance like state of altered consciousness that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject‘. More and more people are turning to hypnotherapists to find a healthy way to control their fears and negative behaviors. In order to achieve this, hypnotherapists help patients access their subconscious mind through hypnosis.

  • Contrary to what you’ve seen in the movies, scientists have proven that hypnotism is a natural state of mind and patients remain wide awake under hypnosis and even have complete control of their actions. They are able to hear, comprehend, and later even remember what the hypnotist suggested.1
  • In fact, it is so natural that you enter into a hypnotic state at least twice a day! Ever got so engrossed in a television show that you didn’t realize someone had been calling you since the past few minutes, until they come up and literally shake you up or turn the television off? Well, you were in a state of hypnosis without even realizing! Other common examples include arriving at a destination without a memory of driving there or zoning out while reading a book.3
  • People seek out hypnotherapists for various reasons. These include:
    • overcoming fears and phobias
    • weight loss
    • treat insomnia & sleepwalking
    • smoking
    • reducing pain during childbirth
    • to gain a sense of control, increase self-esteem and reduce stress in kids with ADHD2

Hypnosis can also help in forgetting negative memories, if that’s the patient’s goal. Those memories can be brought back with further assistance.

  • It’s impossible to get stuck in a hypnotized trance. Hypnotized people never lose control of their mind or body, and are able to come out of the hypnotized state as easily as opening their eyes.
  • Another common misconception is that it takes another person to hypnotize you. In fact, there is a thing called as self-hypnosis where you can hypnotize yourself to increase your concentration while carrying out certain activities. Although, I wouldn’t suggest you to start acting like the magicians on television without proper knowledge and education about it!4
  • Many hypnosis sessions have shown to unlock the brain’s memory and help people find lost items or recall old and forgotten memories.
  • A person cannot be hypnotized against their will. The only control the hypnotherapist has over you is the control you allow him to have.





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  1. I have been hypnotised twice, as part of an entertainer’s live performance – interesting and fun. On the other hand…. 20 workers from my plant got a group discount to attend a stop-smoking hypnotherapist. The best result was two weeks cessation – the worst was two hours ! Nicotine is a tough master. 😳

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