Vibe, short for vibration, is the atmosphere a person or a place creates around them. Not all of us are consciously aware of people’s vibes or energy, but certain people radiate positive vibes while others negative. A person’s energy is a result of the combination of their past, their mindset, their beliefs, and perceptions. Many a time you feel comfortable and happy around people whom you’ve just met! While the other times you feel like just getting rid of someone the moment they come close.

After pondering a little on the subject, I realized why and how do people with positive vibes attract the masses.

They Smile Often

People with good vibes smile often. Not in a creepy way, but in a welcoming way. A smile when meeting someone instantly makes the other person comfortable and creates a good aura.


Down To Earth

People who preach simple living always tend to attract you because you don’t need to show off your wardrobe collection, or your bank balance, or your child’s scorecard to them! I love this tribe!


Treat Everyone the Same

Treating everyone the same, regardless of their age, or social or financial status is a quality only a few of us hold. Every person needs to be treated with respect. Just because you are better than someone in one aspect, doesn’t mean you look down upon them. They might be better than you in some other aspect. You can always learn something new from every person around you if you treat them equal and listen to their experiences and stories.


Compliment Others

It takes nothing to compliment others. Further, you never know how much a word of appreciation can mean to someone. Learn to compliment as often as you can. Compliment people on their outfit, or haircut, etc. Make sure your compliments are genuine. If nothing, a simple ‘Nice to meet you’ or ‘Nice seeing you today’ can sometimes make someone’s day.



The best way to spread good vibes is by the simple act of accepting. People who accept others the way they are, and empathize with others are going to be a natural favorite! You can be yourself with them without being judged.



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