Subconscious Mind and It’s Power


What is the Subconscious Mind?

The part of our mind that notices and stores information when we are not actively trying to do so; and influences our behavior based on that information without us even realizing is the subconscious mind. For example, memories, beliefs, fears, etc. are a part of our subconscious. Whether we try to remember them or not, this part of our mind stores it forever.

How is it different from the Conscious Mind?

The conscious mind is the awareness of our thoughts, surroundings, feelings, and sensations. Like if we are feeling thirsty, or feeling cold, it is all in our conscious mind. However, our subconscious mind will many a times pick up the bottle of water kept in front of us when we are thirsty, although we are on an important call and didn’t really consciously think of picking up the bottle; because over the years, our conscious mind has taught the subconscious mind to drink water when we feel thirsty.

That is why new born babies don’t pick up bottles to drink water when they are thirsty. Instead, they cry because their conscious mind has taught their subconscious that crying would draw attention towards them and their thirst would be taken care of.

How intelligent is the Subconscious Mind?

Our subconscious mind has a stronger sense of awareness than our conscious mind (some even call it the sixth sense). However, it actually simply obeys orders from the conscious mind. Whatever comes into our conscious mind, will be considered true by our subconscious. Therefore, if you have a negative thought process, your subconscious will always give you negativity such as anger, fear, anxiety, etc.

For example, if you once consciously got angry on someone who didn’t follow your orders, your subconscious mind will record this and the next time the same situation comes up, your emotions of anger will be triggered automatically, without a second thought. But instead, if you acted with patience the first time someone didn’t listen to you, your subconscious mind will nurture the patience it learned from your conscious mind. This is the reason some of us are called as patient beings while some are known to be angry all the time.

Does Subconscious Mind define who I am?

Definitely! You are exactly what your subconscious mind is. If your subconscious has positive thoughts, you’ll be positive all the time, if it has thoughts of jealousy, you’ll always feel jealous, if it has feelings of competing, you’ll feel the need to compete every time. Hence, our subconscious mind defines us who we are. You can even achieve the impossible if you simply make it believe in something. You just have to make your subconscious mind believe, and consider the deed done!

The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy gives real life examples of how your subconscious can control and improve the quality of your life. It states how you can get that promotion you deserve, overcome phobias and bad habits, strengthen interpersonal relationships and increase your wealth. This book has changed my thought process and there’s always something new to learn every time I re-read it.

Can I change my Subconscious Mind?

Absolutely! As you saw subconscious simply learns from the conscious mind. So whatever you consciously teach, subconscious learns and gives it back to you.

For example, you are a person who stays angry all the time and even the slightest of mistake can cause you to burst out into flames. But if you decide to change this behavior of yours and become a patient person, then you most definitely can. However, it’s not going to be very easy. You have to start imagining yourself as a calmer person. Imagine yourself in a situation which would usually get you all worked up, and then imagine yourself accepting the situation and handling it with grace. You literally need to imagine every thought you would want to have in that situation and the exact conversation you would want to have with the opposite person.

When the next time, you are in a situation like that stop and consciously decide how you would want to react. When you repeat this action a few times, the subconscious will overwrite your anger emotions with that of patience. Now it will only give you feelings of being patient and calm even when the world is turning upside down.

This is the power of the subconscious mind and if worked upon carefully can work wonders.


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  1. Power of our subconscious mind….really good information…we can try to change our thoughts ….it may change our subconscious mind slowly slowly….Very good Nitisha…

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  2. Its really good topic discuss with everyone… Because every third person has an anxiety problem or we can say depression problem…and yes you are doing a great job nitisha 🙂

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