Romantic Ideas to Impress Your Bae


If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, things can sometimes get monotonous. Here are a few simple ideas to break the routine and revive the romance.

Candles and Flowers

Candles and flowers can never go wrong! Set up a romantic scene at home using flowers, special lighting, scented candles, and music. You may write small messages for him/her using flower petals or just scatter them on the floor, it will work either way.

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Random Candle Light Dinner

Surprise them with a candlelit dinner in the middle of a stressful week. Dinner dates on birthdays, anniversary or valentine’s are too mainstream. Cook their favorite food and play some soothing music. A romantic date at home after a long day at work will melt away their stress.


Leave Small Notes

Write small notes and drop them at places they would definitely look. Like a sticky note on the mirror or on their laptop, a note attached to their toothbrush or inside their lunch bag, etc. You may write romantic notes to express your love or encouraging notes if they are going through a hard time.


Do a Class Together

Pick an activity you both would like to do together. For example say a cooking workshop, painting class, pottery, etc. In today’s busy life we often forget to do things together. Taking up these workshops will help you spend time together and know each other better.


Relive Your First Date

Reliving old moments always brings joy and what better romantic idea than reliving your first date. You can wear what you wore on your first date or maybe something similar; order the same food from your first date if it was at a restaurant. It will make you both reminisce how you started and realize how far you’ve come together.



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