Only if it was Forever…

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A garden had started to be laid

Its growth was going to be delayed

They didn’t know a love affair had started

Between the land and the grasses

She was gleaming to bear the first green growth

But had to just keep it under their nose

For they wanted the cemented riches

Not just any green pitches

Someone had started to breathe again,

And now crawled out of the scared den

Who frightened by the mosses

Didn’t want to face any more losses

But alas! Not long did it take

For them to walk all over the green cake

The grasses were uprooted brutally

Now nothing would remain as beautifully

Tall shiny constructions were erected

The land had no choice but lay there dejected

Wondering what sort of flowers would have grown

Only if they had known

Only if they had once a lover…

Only if it was forever…


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