Never be Judgemental


Judging people comes naturally to us. The moment we meet someone, we start pointing out things in our head that we wouldn’t approve of in them. Sometimes we go a step ahead and even judge strangers! It is okay to make an image of someone in our head, but it’s really not okay for us to decide if their actions are wrong or right. It’s very easy to judge people, but it’s very difficult to understand them. Everyone can do the easy bit, are you strong enough to try the difficult part?

I have had my share with people who judge almost everyone. Unfortunately, I had started to become one as I was spending a lot of time with them. I started judging people for not dressing appropriately, or the way they spoke, for their choice of food, or for the kind of presents they got, or simply the way they were! This made me a real pessimist and I had literally stopped seeing the good in anything or anyone.

However, when I met an old friend after a long time, she pointed out how cynical I had become. Although I ignored her at first, I later did realize the way I had changed. The habit of judging made me doubt everyone. I had become so negative that I looked for opportunities to criticize someone or something. I decided I had to put an end to this routine and work towards becoming a better person.

A group of toxic people will never let you improve. So, I got rid of the judgemental clan first and started to look for positivity in life. Sadly bad habits are much more difficult to abandon than the good ones. It is tough to understand people and accept them the way they are. I started to consciously search for the good in people and appreciate little acts of kindness. Furthermore, whenever I came across someone whose acts or philosophies didn’t match mine, I started to agree to disagree. Accepting people the way they are has now started to come naturally to me. Although there are still times when the judgemental aunt rises from within me, thankfully I now have the power to argue with her and make her understand that the world doesn’t go around her approval.


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  1. I completely agree every individual is different and has own way for everything be it personal, professional or social life. My experience also says that judging others will make our life more complicated.

    Waiting for next…..


  2. Everyone has positivity and negativity in them. Both are needed for our overall development. It is up to us what we want to see in others and focus in ourselves.
    Very well penned Nitisha.

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  3. Positivity and Negativity are tags given to certain things depending on likes and dislikes of individuals or society or both.
    When you operate something through a battery, the flow of current happens only if there is cathode and anode, basically opposite ends. One is provider and the other is the consumer of electrons. Lets make it simpler. Someone consume plants to survive, some feed over animals. Ultimately we are killing something so that we can survive. Is it Positive? Negative? It’s all about acceptance of what is out there. If we say we are positive we are actually talking about certain set of beliefs. Same’s with being negative. In either case we would only see what we want to see not what we need to see. Complex? Let’s try and just see.
    Now why is it difficult to come out of so called negative. Interesting point.
    You have made it your habit.
    When you say it’s easier to leave good habits. Really?
    I would say you were just pretending that you have those habits. You were holding on to it but never meant it. Just because you thought you must do it. “You” refers to anyone of us.
    If “positive” habits were easier to leave then we would have easily caught a chicken, killed it and cooked it (if we like eating it).
    We are simply not habitual 😉


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