Everything Happens for a VERY Good Reason


Amelia’s* car broke down right when she had to leave for work before dropping off her kids to school!

John* was running late to the meeting because it was his son’s first day to kindergarten.

Samara* was waiting for a taxi for almost an hour now!

Josh* was furious as he had to go back to his kid’s school because his son had picked up a fight with a fellow classmate.

The crisp white shirt that Tom* bought this weekend got stained by coffee. His clumsiness was going to make him late for the presentation.

We have all had such bad days, haven’t we? But, before we land at any conclusion about whether these people were having a bad day or not, let me tell you this: all of them were headed to the World Trade Centre, NY on 11th September 2001. Thanks to their “bad day”, these survivors couldn’t make it on time to their work that day.

Destiny plays its role perfectly. You never land in a situation which you cannot handle. In fact, you are only given a situation in life that only YOU can handle.

We fail because we had to learn the importance of winning, we lose people in life to learn to cherish the ones that still exist, we need to put in a sick leave because maybe we were going to meet with an accident on our way to work, we are lied to so that next time we learn to be more cautious, and sometimes good opportunities fail to come to us because there might be better opportunities waiting for us. So stop worrying about hard times. There is no such thing as a bad time or a good time. There’s only right time. You are exactly where you are destined to be. So grab it all and enjoy what you still have, rather than crying over the things you lost.

We’ve all heard and told this to each other on several events in our lives. Yet, we fail to apply it when it comes to us. So, what exactly changed after you spent 5 days in anger when you were cheated upon? Did you pass the exam you spent days crying upon failing it? So, why stay angry or cry over something then? The next time life events disappoint you, try accepting and moving ahead unaffectedly.



*Names have been changed to protect the family’s privacy.


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