Delhi vs Mumbai


Delhi vs Mumbai has always been a debatable topic and there is never a winner. I’ve spent the best 5 years of my life in Mumbai and have recently shifted to Delhi, and I just cannot stop comparing anything and everything this city has, with Mumbai. The thing I miss most about Mumbai is the nightlife! A sudden 1 AM trip to Marine Drive in Mumbai used to be a breath of fresh air. Whereas in Delhi, all I’ve been hearing is “DON’T STEP OUTSIDE THE HOUSE AFTER 10 PM!”.

So, here are a few other things I couldn’t stop thinking about while comparing the two cities.

Driving Sense:

Rash driving is normal driving for Delhiites. No kidding. In case of unfortunate vehicle ramming, people seem to forget their father’s identities.

While in Mumbai, people don’t rash drive because there is literally no space on the roads to do so!


Must haves in a Women’s Purse:

Delhi’s scorching heat doesn’t allow you to leave the house without sun glasses, and increasing number of dogs don’t allow women to travel without a pepper spray, a pocket knife and a baton!


While in Mumbai, girls just need to beat the heat with a sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella (because you never know when it would start pouring cats and dogs).


The most impressive thing about Delhi is the quality and quantity of food that the restaurants or the street vendors serve! I mean I ordered a plate of Chole Kulcha with dessert worth Rs. 100 and ate it for lunch plus dinner!


In Mumbai, 4 Vada Pavs for lunch alone cost 100 bucks!!


Brawls in Delhi be like:

Neighbour 1: Could you please turn down the volume a bit? My granddaughter has her board exam tomorrow.

Next day’s newspaper headline: “Old neighbour shot dead by youth upon asking to turn the music down”

4 Delhi Fight.png

Brawls in Mumbai be like:

Colleague 1: How dare you say that to me.  Dekhlunga tujhe.

Colleague 2: Tu mil office ke bahar, batata hu tujhe.

*Nothing happens*

 4 Mumbai Fight.png


People in Delhi are obsessed with Sarojini, momos and Metro! It’s as if these are the main ingredients of a pure Delhiite.


While people in Mumbai, can’t stop feeling proud of their local trains, vada pav and marine drive.


I was happily surprised to see the variety of modes of transports in Delhi! Delhi has cycle rickshaws(which are super cheap), auto rickshaws, E-rickshaws, plenty of cabs and Metro!

6 Delhi.png

In Mumbai, there are auto rickshaws but the drivers are never ready to go where you want to go, local trains have no space to stand or breath and cabs charge you 3-4 times the base fair (only if you are lucky enough to find any cabs available near you).

6 Mumbai.png


14 thoughts on “Delhi vs Mumbai

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  1. Very funny
    But real story
    समझाने का तरीका लाजवाब
    भैया चांद पे चलोगे ,, नहीं साहब return नहीं है वहां से

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  2. So true. Except that the auto drivers run on meter in Mumbai and never cheat you with the route taken. And you never know, when drivers in Delhi might kidnap you. :/ But yes, Delhi metro is a level above Mumbai locals.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really love the way how lucidly you take us through multiple emotions, its like despite not living in any of the cities, I can still feel like I am a part.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rest all can be managed except for the safety issues that Delhi offers.
    Best of luck to all the people who live in Delhi and Delhi NCR. They really need it!


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